Friday, December 15, 2017

Six years in a blink of an eye

I still remember vividly the day my eldest boy attended orientation day at a 93-year-old SRJK school. Six years just whisked past with a blink of the eye. From a keen-eyed little 7-year-old, you've blossomed into a motivated, independent pre-teen. This year, you've gone through one of the biggest challenges of your young life. The effort and work that you've put in has paid off. Congratulations HQ, for achieving your dream of getting straight 8As in UPSR. Congratulations  for bagging eighth place among your form of 479 students. And congratulations  for achieving the many awards, one of which you've appeared in our national newspapers. We are very proud of you, HQ, not only for your achievements, but more importantly, for your determination and will in achieving what you set your mind to. 

      Saying goodbye to your school of six years, farewell to your very dedicated and thoughtful teachers as well as many good friends had been difficult for you. Our heartfelt thanks especially to Cheng Lao Shi, Cikgu Loo, Headmaster Ting, Madam Faezah, Asst Headmistress Zhang, Zhuang Lao Shi, Madam Yao, Lee Lao Shi and Madam Low. 

      In less than a month you'll move on to a new phase of your life. Secondary school presents a new set of challenges - may you have the strength and wisdom in facing them with confidence. Continue to learn and explore, set your goals and keep improving. May you continue being eager and passionate in the things that you do, coupled with good judgement in setting priorities. And may you continue being adventurous, optimistic and a friend to those in need. 

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